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Direct primary care is the latest and hugely innovative way for patients to obtain healthcare. It is an alternative payment method for patients, which works like this:

  1. the primary health physician charges a membership fee on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis;
  2. patients gain access to all, or most, primary healthcare services from a particular doctor.

As compared to health insurance services, direct primary care provides considerable payment modes and an advantage to visit their chosen primary health care provider at any given moment without any hesitations in mind.

What are the top 3 advantages of direct primary care?

  • Same or next-day appointments

At times the use of health insurance makes the process more complicated for the patients. Often, it can be difficult to set an appointment with the doctor, which usually is only a few minutes long because many patients are in the queue.

However, in direct primary care, with long queues being out of the picture, the physician can spend ample time with each patient, allowing the parties to establish a professional relationship. The patient can schedule same-day appointments to immediately meet their health concerns before the condition gets worse.

  • Money saving

If paying your health insurance is quite a burden for you, being a direct primary care member can ease that burden.  You no longer need to worry about paying a huge amount for your medical expenses because the fee can be arranged with your chosen physician. The fee would solely depend on the certain medical services you want to access. Most direct primary care members benefit from service, such as, making several visits and consultations at anytime, and obtaining discounts for laboratory-related treatments and prescriptions.

  • Quality consultations

A typical appointment or visit with a doctor would only take around 10 minutes because they need to see other patients. In contrast, when you are a member of direct primary care you won’t feel rushed during your consultation – you will have an individual time with your doctor.

Schneider Medical Group – your direct primary care provider in Raleigh – believes that health care should be convenient to access because that prevents further health conditions. They provide the aforementioned top 3 benefits of direct primary care and other benefits that would conveniently help patients access the health care coverage that they need.


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