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There is no question that two of the common reasons cited for the obesity epidemic are:

  1. Lack of exercise
  2. Eating too much processed foods.

Many people have now resorted to taking supplements, herbs, weight loss medications and even undergoing weight loss surgery. All of these treatments are not only prohibitively expensive but more often than not, do not work. The oldest remedy that works for weight gain and maintenance of good health is exercise. Over the past few decades, there have been many studies showing that exercise is the one key factor which not only helps people lose weight but also has many health benefits.

Too many people underestimate the benefits of exercise and instead search for the “magical” pill that will help them lose weight while they sit on the couch. Unfortunately, there is no lotion, potion, pill or suppository that can help you lose weight and improve health, while you watch TV.


Benefits of Exercise Other Than Weight Loss

When exercise is done regularly, it also reduces the risk of death by lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke. Further, exercise can relieve stress and enhance self-esteem. What most people do not know is that unlike medications or supplements, the effects of exercise are long lasting. Newer studies show that people who exercise on a regular basis have a markedly lower risk of falling sick or being admitted to the hospital.

Exercise is not only for healthy people; its benefits are just as significant for people who have heart or lung disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes or high blood pressure. Of course, people who have chronic medical problems should first visit our internal medicine doctor in Raleigh, NC, if they have not had a checkup in a while. The healthcare provider will first examine you and determine what type of exercise and at what level you can exercise.

What exercises are recommended for overall health?

In order to derive the benefits of exercise, one must perform the activity regularly. Exercise is not a one shot deal but must become part of your life style. There are many types of exercise that are recommended for good health but in the end it really does not matter which one you do. Even walking is a great exercise as long as you walk at least 45-60 minutes everyday, 5-6 times a weeks. It has been shown that brisk walking can help you lose 300 calories a day, which amounts to 2100 calories a week. In a period of 4 weeks, that means a loss of nearly 1 kilogram or 2 pounds in body weight.

Exercise can be performed in the home or one may join a gym; it is all a matter of personal preference and affordability. Gyms do offer a variety of exercises and companionship of people just like you who want to improve their health. If you plan to exercise at home, select an exercise that you like so that you will remain motivated. Change the type of exercise every few weeks so that monotony does not set in.

If you are thinking about exercise, start slow. Start with walking and then gradually increase the duration and pace of walking. As you gain more stamina and endurance, try swimming, cycling or jogging. Finally be realistic- do not expect miracles overnight but if you remain dedicated, the benefits of exercise have far reaching consequences than just losing weight. For those contemplating exercise, come visit our internal medicine clinic in Raleigh, NC so that you can be cleared in this activity by Schneider Medical Group.


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