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Some of the more established ways to maintain and improve health include going to a healthcare provider, taking medications, getting adequate sleep, exercising, and eating healthy. However, these are by no means the only ways to prevent disease or maintain good health. At our internal medicine clinic in Raleigh, NC, we’ve picked up some interesting tips and tricks towards better health. Some of the peculiar methods of preventing disease include the following:

Drinking coffee for a better nap

Even though most of us consider coffee to be a brain stimulant and use it to keep us awake, this is not necessarily so. In one recent study, individuals who drank coffee and then took a 20-minute nap felt more alert and performed better on computerized tests than those who had no caffeinated beverage. Researchers believe that caffeine starts to kick in at around 20 minutes and then blocks the substance adenosine, which is known to cause fatigue. When you nap, the levels of adenosine decrease and combined with caffeine, there is amplification of the effects of a short nap.

Gain (lean!) weight to wear smaller clothing

If two women both weigh 120 pounds, the one who lifts weights and is more physically active and strong is more likely to fit into smaller garments than her less active partner. The reason is that exercise helps get rid of fat, which even though weighs the same as muscle, consumes more space in the body.

Avoid energy drinks, even if you are fatigued

Even though energy drinks contain a high concentration of caffeine, which can help when you’re feeling drowsy, this substance also increases the risk of adverse effects like tremors, irritability, fast heart rate and insomnia. At Schneider Medical Group, our internal medicine doctor in Raleigh, NC has seen plenty of patients who have been subjected to the negative effects of overcaffeinated beverages.

Exercise when you feel tired

Most people who feel tired simply choose to rest to recover. However, one study says that getting back on your feet and sweating will actually rejuvenate your senses. Even just a swift walk around our internal medicine clinic in Raleigh can help both patients and staff feel much more refreshed and alert. Furthermore, moderate exercise also improves your mood. When you start to exercise, your body uses more oxygen and all the organs start to function efficiently.

Use regular soap to prevent infections

Most people buy anti-bacterial soap in the hope of preventing and passing along infections such as colds or flus. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that antibacterial soaps are any better than regular soap at preventing transmission of infections. So stop throwing your money away on expensive antibacterial soaps and buy regular soap instead.

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