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Schneider Medical Group takes an innovative approach to medical
treatment called Direct Primary Care. It differs from conventional
practices in that it’s an affordable membership-based care facility,
offering several benefits to its patients, including same-day
appointments and lengthier visits. If you’re interested in scheduling an
appointment with Dr. Inaam Schneider to learn more about the Direct Primary Care services available, contact our Raleigh, North Carolina,
office to schedule your first consultation. You can also book an
appointment online.

Direct Primary Care & Private Pay Doctors FAQ

Schneider Medical Group, PA


Please be advised that our practice DOES NOT engage in managing controlled substances 

All you need to know about Direct Primary Care in Raleigh and Private Pay Doctors

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is an innovative practice model returning to the old way of practicing medicine – one where insurance companies and the government do not get in the middle of the patient/physician relationship.

In other words, direct primary care is a membership practice model that is sweeping the country to fix a broken Medical Care System.

How does direct primary care work?

Schneider Medical Group is a membership-based primary care practice where you retain a direct relationship with our direct primary care doctor in Raleigh, Dr. Schneider 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

On weekends and after hours, the office number redirects to Dr. Schneider’s personal cell phone, so you’ll never go without the care you need.

Members pay an affordable monthly fee in addition to a one-time membership fee to join the practice.

In return, you’ll enjoy benefits like extended office visits, same-day appointments, and more focused health and wellness care from Dr. Schneider and her team.

Direct primary care in Raleigh differs from concierge medicine in that our monthly fees are considerably lower and there is no annual membership fee required.

At Schneider Medical Group, every patient gets the attention they deserve for their health care needs. New patients enjoy an hour or more of the doctor’s undivided attention, and follow-up appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes or longer to ensure you’re delighted with your health care services.

Schneider Medical Group strives to offer quality care at an affordable price anyone can handle.

Why choose direct primary care?

Keeping you healthy is the responsibility of the primary care doctor, and that is our goal.

You are not another number to us. Your medical concerns are our primary focus and that is why we take the time to consider the whole patient.

All of the factors that influence health, wellness and disease are taken into consideration, including mind, body, and spirit. Our direct primary care doctor in Raleigh takes the time to listen to you and create a special healthcare plan for you.

With unlimited visits each month, there is a lot of time to do a comprehensive diagnosis, address your concerns and discuss your overall health and wellness.

This is something most physicians don’t do they are too busy going from patient to patient.

What does my membership fee cover?

Monthly membership fees are affordable on almost any budget and cover all of your office visits and any necessary lab work performed by the office staff. The fee also guarantees access to medical assistance 24/7 through face-to-face care, phone calls, or emails.

If it is after office hours, the call will go directly to the doctor’s private cell phone. In other words, the patient will have unlimited visits and 24/7 access to the direct primary care physician.

There are no additional fees for office visits.

Membership involves a patient agreement is provided that outlines all of the membership details. Membership fees don’t cover prescription medications, but Dr. Schneider and her team will work with you to find the most cost-effective medications, using several trusted resources.

Will patients have to pay a fee for labs?

In our practice some labs are included in the physical exam and some labs related to certain conditions are included in the follow-up visit. However, if it’s required to send lab work to external laboratories, then it is the only time patients have to pay, for example additional blood tests.

What is the difference between direct primary care and a traditional practice?

Traditional practices don’t have much time to spend with patients and in a result the physicians don’t have time to listen and focus on the patient. They generally have no more than 6 to 7 minutes with the patient and have to rush in order to complete the chart and be on time.

Traditional practices make you pay a co-pay for the visit and it could be hard to get in again for the same diagnosis. It happens that the insurance does not pay for multiple visits with the same diagnosis.

Our private pay clinic in Raleigh is different: Our visits last 30 minutes or more for the follow-up and one hour or more for new patients.

We do not rush and take the time to listen and find out the cause. We know how important is to determine a proper diagnosis and create a right treatment plan.

We offer unlimited visits, same-day, and next business day appointments with the doctor not a physician extender (PA or NP).

What makes DPC model better for people?

Doctors are not paid by appointment. We are not a fee-for-service practice and we don’t have quota of patients we have to see daily. This frees the doctor to spend more time with the patient.

Our practice is limited to 600-800 patients which allow us to be able to schedule our patients for 30 minute or more appointments for follow-up and one hour or more for new patients. This should give us adequate time to listen to our patients for accurate evaluation, diagnosis, and to formulate a treatment plan.

This translates to better quality of care, healthier patients, and tremendous savings for the patient and health care system in general.

What are the benefits of choosing direct primary care in Raleigh?

For those without insurance or those who are underinsured, membership with our private pay doctor in Raleigh can be the most affordable way to receive high-quality healthcare.

You’ll always have access to one-on-one communication with Dr. Schneider, too.

The Schneider Medical Group’s office limits the number of patient appointments available each day to better accommodate your specific needs.

Some medical concerns take longer to discuss than others; you won’t feel rushed or forgotten during your visit, and your overall wellness will be the sole focus of your healthcare plan.

There are no more co-pays to worry about or insurance companies to haggle with, and you’ll always be in control of your medical care and treatment. Monthly membership fees are affordable and give you more power over your health care choices.

What makes us different and unique to the patient?

  • Affordable monthly membership
  • Quality care—personal attention, longer visits and shorter wait times
  • Personalized and enjoyable lifestyle program personalized to promote optimum health
  • Concentration on the patients and their concerns—not the micromanagement and regulations of insurance companies and the government;
  • Same day or next business day appointments;
  • Average waiting room time of 5 minutes;
  • 24/7 availability, with after-hours coverage direct to Dr. Schneider’s cellphone;
  • Up to 80% savings over normal physician charges and up to 60%reduction in ER visits and 65% fewer hospitalizations;
  • Especially attractive when paired with more affordable high deductible plans;
  • DPC is mentioned in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and when paired with high deductible insurance may fulfil the requirements of the ACA.

How do patients sign up?

Check our website. Patients can also call our office or send us an email for us to contact them. The office number is 919-301-8971, office email is, and website

If you would like to learn more about direct primary care practice in Raleigh, schedule your free initial meet and greet appointment with Dr. Schneider or Contact Us Today

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