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Ever wanted to communicate with your doctor from the comfort of your own home? Or even the comfort of your own bed? If yes, then we have some good news: Using OhMD, patients and Direct primary care doctors can now communicate with each other without the need to be in the clinic. This secure and HIPAA-compliant texting platform is now improving the efficiency of medical practices (such as Schneider Medical Group).

What is OhMD?

OhMD provides a dedicated texting number and a live chat facility that makes communication between the patient, doctor, and healthcare team more proactive. This system also allows both parties to send images, files, forms, and links with relative ease, as well as remind patients of their next appointment and follow-up care instructions with their doctor in direct primary care, Raleigh Nc.

As a HIPAA-compliant texting platform, OhMD is more secure with encrypted communication than other messaging platforms. It has been designed specifically for use in the healthcare setting

The OhMD app may be downloaded for free and installed on your phone or computer. From this app, our doctors and staff may send a text message to the patients even if they do not have the app installed. Then patients can reply to the message via SMS. 

Communicating with direct pay doctors near me

Communication between the doctor and the patient is vital to patient care. In fact, 65 percent of medical schools incorporate lessons in communication skills so doctors can be more competent in establishing rapport with patients. 

If doctors can inform and educate patients about their health concerns properly, these patients can best decide on treatment options or modify their habits and behavior, as well as follow through on their treatment plan and therapy to improve their health.

Despite the presence of medical support groups and other healthcare-related communities on social media, patients still trust their doctor’s opinion and advice regarding specific health concerns.

How to communicate with my primary care doctor?

Communicating with a doctor can be a struggle for many patients for various reasons, including (among other things) embarrassment, especially if the doctor-patient relationship is still in the early stages. To feel at ease, patients may list down questions and prioritize specific concerns, aside from giving a brief description of their symptoms. 

Patients can also use OhMD!  to schedule a follow-up appointment, if their health issues are too complex to grasp in one visit. Since it’s easier to text doctors now when face-to-face meetings are an inconvenience, patients can also let the doctor know if they would like to be informed about their health and receive treatment instructions and medication guides going forwards.


Where to find the best direct pay doctors near me?

For health concerns and medical advice, drop by Schneider Medical Group’s Clinic today. We have the friendliest staff and doctors in direct primary care in Raleigh, NC who are more than willing to assist you. You can also download the OhMD app for faster and safer communication.

Dr. Schneider’s office provides extended scheduling hours for office visits and a direct 24-hour line of communication every day. Book your appointment online or call us at 919-301-8971.

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