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Dr. Inaam Schneider wants you to know, “Hepatitis C is a deadly disease, but it’s not hopeless”. As an internist in Raleigh, she recommends coming in and getting tested and starting treatment right away. According to the CDC: More than 19,600 deaths caused by hep C in 2014

The dangers of Hepatitis C

Read more about the dangers of hepatitis C in the following articles taken from the American Medical Association Morning Rounds.

The New York Times (5/4, A15, Goodnough, Subscription Publication) reports the CDC announced Wednesday that there were a record 19,659 deaths caused by hepatitis C in the US in 2014. The deaths were largely among baby boomers who were infected years ago.

The Washington Post (5/4, Sun) quotes John Ward, MD, who directs the CDC’s division of viral hepatitis, who said, “We believe the number of hepatitis C cases should not be going up, it should be going away because we have lifesaving treatment.” However, “large numbers of people don’t know they have” the disease, “or they’re not in care, or they’re not receiving the treatment that’s recommended for them,” Dr. Ward added.

The CBS News (5/4, Welch) website reports that “the report also highlights a new wave of hepatitis C infections among young people who inject drugs.” The report indicated that “new cases have more than doubled since 2010, increasing to 2,194 reported cases in 2014.”

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