Top 3 Benefits of Direct Primary Care

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direct primary care

Direct primary care is the latest and hugely innovative way for patients to obtain healthcare. It is an alternative payment method for patients, which works like this: the primary health physician charges a membership fee on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis; patients gain access to all, or most, primary healthcare services from a particular… Read more »

Integrative Medicine: Types of complementary therapies that are provided

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integrative medicine doctor in Raleigh

Most people these days are choosing complementary therapies because they have been proven to be safe, effective and appropriate for patient’s health condition. Complementary therapies are established through traditional knowledge, which is why they are less invasive and more cost-effective than other treatment options. Integrative medicine on the other hand, is a practice where the… Read more »

5 Simple Ways to Find the Right Internist for You

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If at some point your primary doctor is having a hard time diagnosing your health condition, it might be time to look for an internist.  An internist specifically focuses on adult care. Internists are more knowledgeable and have the expertise in keeping you healthy and making you overcome your illness. But before picking a doctor’s… Read more »


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Integrative medicine Raleigh

Integrative medicine and relaxation methods Staying healthy requires more than physical stamina – it requires a comprehensive approach that concentrates on the mind, body, and spirit working in sync. In order to achieve physical health, it is vital to onsider how mind and body practices, such as breathing, meditation, and relaxation methods, can help you… Read more »

Strength Training, it’s for Everyone!

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Strength training is great for everyone, not just athletes training for competition. Our internal medicine doctor in Raleigh, Dr. Inaam Schneider shared her thoughts during an interview with Curves in Raleigh recently. The article below is taken from (credit to Chris Iliades, MD | Medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH). Every… Read more »

Hepatitis C: It’s Closer Than You Think!

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Dr. Inaam Schneider wants you to know, “Hepatitis C is a deadly disease, but it’s not hopeless”. As an internist in Raleigh, she recommends coming in and getting tested and starting treatment right away. According to the CDC: More than 19,600 deaths caused by hep C in 2014 The dangers of Hepatitis C Read more… Read more »

Senior Health and Fitness

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SENIOR HEALTH AND FITNESS AT THE CYPRESS OF RALEIGH Drs. Inaam and Richard Schneider offered free blood pressure testing today at the Health Fair. Our internal medicine clinic in Raleigh– Schneider Medical Group joined several health care professionals to offer their services to the seniors at Cypress of Raleigh at the 23rd Annual National Senior… Read more »