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From the moment coronavirus (COVID-19) entered the US at the end of January 2020, there has been fear, and sometimes even panic, among our citizens. It is important, of course, to protect yourself and your loved ones against all dangerous diseases, so you should stay well informed as to the nature of this novel disease, possible prevention tactics, and steps to take when you think you might have it.

Here are 5 important facts about coronavirus, which will help you understand it better.

1. What is coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a broad family of viruses with 4 human viruses inducing moderate colds in all age groups. The virus is similar to a crown, and that’s where the name came from.  The new virus coronavirus (COVID-19) has emerged in Wuhan and Hubei region of China. Earlier, we have seen similar conditions with the Severe Acute Respiratory Virus (SARS) and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Virus (MERS).

2. How does coronavirus infect?

The primary new coronavirus infection presumably came from an animal and infected people. Now it infects humans by sneezing and coughing, but also through contact with surfaces contaminated by the virus.

3. What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

If you feel you experience any of the symptoms below, you should contact your physician. Chances are it’s a mild, easily treatable infection. But coronavirus, if left untreated, can lead to severe manifestations, so it’s always better to check and make sure.

Characteristic manifestations of coronavirus are: 

-respiratory symptoms with fever



-very fast or heavy breathing.

More serious cases can lead to: 


-severe acute respiratory syndrome, 

-renal failure, 


4. Contacting an internal medicine specialist in Raleigh

It is a severe infection with common cold symptoms. If you have contacted someone who you believe may be infected, especially from the Wuhan or Hubei region in China, the best course of action, if you suspect an infection, would be to contact your internal medicine specialist in Raleigh. Especially so, if you have rapid or labored breathing. 

5. Precautions 

Remember to wash your hands frequently with soap and/or a hand sanitizer. Proper cough and nose hygiene are also important. Cover your mouth and nose with paper towels or a mask in public spaces. Avoid close contact with infected people with fever and respiratory symptoms, as well as with animals and markets that sell animals and fresh food. 

If you must travel to the infected areas, consult the World Health Organization (WHO) Travel Advice or check this map prepared by the CDC.

Your internal medicine doctor in Raleigh is there to give you all the information you might need on coronavirus, best prevention tactics, and, in case you suspect you may be infected, on diagnostic tools and your next steps.  

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