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Through the use of your health care insurance, you often feel rushed during you doctor’s visits – leaving with the feeling as if you barely spoke to the doctor. These days, seeing a doctor means long waiting time and short consultations, the visits with the doctor are too short for you to be able to talk about your health concerns.

You shouldn’t blame the doctor for that because they are just following the insurance requirements. As a matter of fact, many physicians hate that they are only allowed to spend little time with their patients.

According to USA Today, the short consultations are caused by the declining reimbursements of insurance companies. Doctors should see more patients or perform several procedures to keep their clinics or hospitals financially stable. These short visits have negatively impacted the doctor-patient relationship and trust.


On the other hand, Private Pay doctors, also known as, Direct Primary Care doctors, are medical professionals who only accept payment in cash for the services they provide. They don’t accept any type of insurance. They typically charge their patients a monthly membership fee, which covers all appointments and tests.  

In this article our Primary care doctor in Raleigh will discuss the four reasons why private pay doctors offer the best health care.


  • More consultation time


One of the reasons why direct primary care provides the best care is because you have more time to talk to the doctor about your health concerns. Being able to pay physicians directly allows you to access the health care you deserve, which is not available when using your insurance. If you need more time with your doctor, direct primary care offer that service. If you need an hour with your doctor, you will surely get an hour of your doctor’s time.

Being able to spend more time with your doctor results in better treatment outcomes. It also builds on the doctor-patient relationship and trust.

In traditional clinics or hospitals, doctors spend an average of 16 hours writing notes so they can reimburse their services from insurance companies. But, with direct primary care, doctors are able to spend more time with their patients.


  • Flexible appointments


In traditional health care facilities, patients need to wait for long periods of time. According to the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, a typical full-time physician is assigned to see 2,500 up to 4,000 patients. This is the reason why it’s sometimes hard for patients to schedule an appointment or why walk-in clinics have long queues.

Private pay doctors have fewer patients. They usually limit their patients to 200 up to 1,000, the purpose of this is for them to spend more time talking and listening to their patients’ health concerns. They can also offer their patients same day and next day appointments. Physicians can also be reached via text, email or other communication modes to save both doctor and patient time.


  • Transparent price range


Private pay system enables you to see how much you are paying for every service you receive.

Some clinics, like the primary care in Raleigh, disclose their rates to their patients, most of which are affordable and are estimated to be 40% to 60% less than the same procedure elsewhere. This is because they provide a more focused service; they don’t need to waste time following the insurance protocol for reimbursements. Without them doing so, they are more efficient.

By cutting out the health insurance, private pay doctors have the opportunity to offer low cost medications to their patients.


  • MUCH better quality healthcare


With health insurance taking control over the traditional clinics and hospitals, most doctors don’t have the freedom to choose appropriate treatment for their patients. They mostly follow the suggested treatment method of the insurance company to receive their reimbursements. On the other hand, direct primary care doctors have the freedom to provide appropriate treatment methods that they believe will work best for their patients. As a result patients, obtain better treatment outcomes.

Our primary care doctor in Raleigh focuses on diagnosing your condition and working with you to provide a fully balanced treatment plan. They offer comprehensive services to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health, all factors involved in managing a chronic medical condition or an acute illness.

If you want to know more about our primary care doctor in Raleigh, Dr. Schneider, or primary care in general, don’t hesitate to contact us.





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