Asthma in Cold Weather: 5 Management Tips

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Winter may be filled with merry-making but cold weather is often a major trigger of asthma attacks. According to a study published in the Scientific Reports, low temperature and low humidity during the winter contribute to the narrowing of the respiratory airways, aggravating respiratory diseases like asthma. To prevent asthma attacks in cold weather, our… Read more »

Listen to Your Heart in February!

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The American Heart Month When we think of the February holidays, Valentine’s Day comes to mind. We think of our loved ones, prepare cards and gifts, take our partner for a romantic dinner or even on a beautiful getaway. The affairs of the heart are especially important this month, particularly as it’s also the American… Read more »

Integrative Medicine vs Internal Medicine: How do they differ?

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When most people think of medicine they’re most likely thinking of what is known as internal medicine also called generic medicine. This type of medical specialty deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Integrative medicine, previously known as alternative or complementary medicine, is a more therapeutic approach to patient care; it deals… Read more »