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Caring for Your Joints

Just as the brake pads on your car wear down over time, the cartilage that cushions your joints can break down, too.

Mar 30th, 2017
Why You Need to Avoid Soda at All Costs

Here at Schneider Medical Group, we have seen firsthand the damaging long-term effects of sugar on the body. Our Raleigh adult medicine clinic has seen the obesity,

Jun 26th, 2016
The Difference Between Physical Activity and Exercise

Physical activity refers to the movements we make with our body that require energy. Since this is the basic definition of physical activity, quite anything we do other than resting our body can be referred to as physical activity.

Jun 23rd, 2016
Strange Health Tips That Work

Some of the more established ways to maintain and improve health include going to a healthcare provider, taking medications, getting adequate sleep, exercising, and eating healthy.

Jun 22nd, 2016
Easy Diet Tips to Live By

Healthy eating is the key to healthy life. We must understand what we are taking into our body and whether it will be beneficial for us or not.

Jun 20th, 2016
Senior Health and Fitness

Schneider Medical Group joined several health care professionals to offer their services to the seniors at Cypress of Raleigh at the 23rd Annual National Senior Health and Fitness Day.

May 25th, 2016
Hepatitis C: It’s Closer Than You Think!

Dr. Inaam Schneider wants you to know, “Hepatitis C is a deadly disease, but it’s not hopeless”. She recommends coming in and getting tested and starting treatment right away.

May 5th, 2016
Strength Training, it’s for Everyone!

Strength training is great for everyone, not just athletes training for competition. Dr. Inaam shared her thoughts during an interview with Curves in Raleigh recently.

Mar 2nd, 2016